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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Controversial Keyword Software Report Revealed

Lately there has been a shift in the way savvy internet marketers complete their keyword research. The alteration has been in part, due to the enormous use and growing popularity of new keyword research tools. Anyone who owns or manages a website knows the growing importance of these keyword tools, but do they really know where they come from? Currently, there are many different tools on the market that one can make use of. Free tools are available from almost every major search engine, which is great news for the beginners. But more experienced SEO & SEM know that to get ahead of the competition more drastic measures must be undertaken. "To date, no online marketing tools or methods have proved to be anywhere near as effective as organic marketing techniques, but that is about to change," states David Greene, Senior Review Editor for Keyword Kingdom. In his divisive report, [http://www.keywordkingdom.com/keyword_software_scam_revealed.html] Mr. Greene explains how, for all intents and purposes, he went "undercover" and completed research on several keyword software companies. Greene continues, "not only have keyword research tools become more prevalent amongst high profile, as well as mom & pop webmasters, they have also become increasing more affordable. As an unfortunate consequence the field has become somewhat over-saturated. As a result, it [the keyword software industry] has become a virtual breeding ground for unscrupulous programmers and scam artists alike." The ability to sort the wheat from chafe will ultimately determine the winner in the all-out race for becoming the "must-have" keyword tool. In SEO terms, the product that offers the best in ROI analysis & competitive analysis wins. Every SEO knows that finding the most valuable keywords for their web site and analyzing the strength of competitors for potential keywords is the literal key to the Kingdom. Greene believes his findings could essentially change how SEOs view the keyword software industry and in effect diminish the need to "outsource" the time consuming and lengthy process of keyword research. Which, according to new studies, has quickly become the norm within the SEM industry. His candid, no nonsense style is reflected in latest site http://www.keywordkingdom.com, which is a virtual keyword research mecca for Internet Marketers.
Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Google Trends - Much More Than Keyword Research

Google extends their lead in the keyword research market by adding a new tool called Google Trends. It operates similar to the Google keyword research tool, but offers trends that goes back for years, and even overlaps news related to keyword search spikes, like Google Finance does. Many of the links they provide are to cheesy press releases, so that might present another marketing opportunity.

The tool also shows top cities, regions, and languages that queries occurred in. They also allow you to set timeframes and the market location. It also allows you to compare phrases.
The only downsides to Google Trends are that it only works for broad terms and does not give exact numbers.
Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Probably the most powerful and "Trustworthy" Keyword Tool

I recently discover this tool called keyword country where you can get the Keywords related to your query, Max CPC, Average CPC, No. of Sponsors, No. of clicks per month, No. of Searches, No. of Competing pages, R/S Ratio and much more. They will also tell you how to use those keywords and inject them in your webpages!

After viewing the video of how to use ( here ) I am pretty convinced about this product as it pretty much spells out the same thing I have done for my keyword research. One nice thing about this product is that it also gives you the comparison with Overture searches. Therefore making the analysis more generalize and trustworthy as relying solely on Google search results may not be convincing enough. You can take a look at the homepage ( here ).

Most importantly that I feel what more products are lacking is the trial tat keyword country is giving. You can take a look ( here ). Amazingly I convinced myself to buy a copy of this software and pretty much the result speaks for itself. I would recomend you to try and buy this software if you are seriously looking into how adsense can bring you sizable cheques.

Meanwhile learning everything from keyword country site and see for yourself if it is worth to take out your wallet!
Thursday, May 25, 2006

Is Keyword Research Useful?

Most often, you would ask yourself why would I care about keywords in my article or content? Yes, indeed you have just asked yourself a good question! Why should we care about keywords and how can keywords help us by using them in article or content?

The answer is "that depends on your motive of using keywords". Basically, there are 2 benefits using keywords.

  1. Use it for SEO purposes. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Using keywords that are related with your business are likely to help you get a good linkage and indexes from the search engine. As everyday, millions of people will do searches on search engines but how do they arrive at your site if the search engine can't even identify you. All site owners want traffic, therefore SEO techniques are basically concepts that feeds the search engine what they require so that your site will get a better ranking and be "visible" when people search for your "keyword".

  2. Use it effeciently in advertising campaign like Google Adsense. Since adsense is contextual in terms of showing relevant ads for your content, you can take advantage of this point to put more suggestion from your base "keyword" and use them in your article or content. Adsense will try to come up with ads that are close to your content with the assumption that since readers who arrive at your site is interested in reading your content, they will more likely to click on the relevant ads which earns you some money. Due to this concept, there are ways to use some adsense hacks to get higher returns which I will post about this on my other blog.

Above shows you the basic reasons why we want to use keywords specific articles or content in our site. Now you can some help useful help in getting "Suggestions or Related Keywords" for your base keyword at these sites.

  1. Google Adwords Selector Tool - https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal
  2. Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool - http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion/

I will go into more details about how to use keywords effectively in getting better search engine ranking so that your sites are more "visible" than others.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Understanding "Keywords"

The fact that people looking to spend money use particular words and phrases in the search engines has given these "keywords" a value in this age of information. For example, if someone types in the keyword "injury compensation attorney" into a search engine they are likely to be looking for a lawyer who could help them win compensation for an injury of some kind. In many such cases the courts award substantial payouts and a percentage of this award goes to the lawyers. When we are talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars and often millions then even if the lawyer takes 20% they are still onto a huge fee if they win the case and get the business in the first place.

So a lawyer who is active in this area may well be prepared to pay a lot of money for a sales lead and he can get these leads via the search engines using pay per click advertising such as Google's AdWords system. In this system people set up little ads called AdWords to appear on Google's search results pages and bid to get their ads appearing when a specific phrase is entered into the search box. In general, the higher you bid the higher your ad will rank on the page and the more traffic you will get to your website.Whenever someone clicks on your ad, they go to your website and Google charges you for the click.

How do you tap into the network of online advertising without wasting your money on advertising that can bring you little results. Google extended this system a few years back by introducing AdSense which allows web publishers to host these ads on their own sites. In this case, if someone clicks on an ad, Google again charges the advertiser but this time it shares the income with the web publisher. Thus it easily allows publishers to monetize the content of their site.This process gets interesting when you consider that AdSense automatically delivers ads to your site that are relevant to its content and therefore if you have a website about a valuable topic such as injury compensation you may well see ads from lawyers seeking new clients. These lawyers often pay a lot to advertise on your site which means clicks on your ads can earn you many dollars a time. If you have a website about a valuable topic, i.e. that includes keywords that advertisers are bidding highly for in the AdWords advertising market place, then you will probably attract high paying ads. If on the other hand you write about topics that are non-commercial you probably won't make much money from your ads at all.

There are so many different business opportunities availableon the Web; the never-ending stream. What this process has led to is the detailed anaylsis of the value of different search terms - "keywords" - and many people now sell lists of so-called high paying keywords as a full time business. Prices of keywords are highly dynamic and depend purely on the supply and demand for advertising space on the search engines and on websites. Advertisers are continually making adjustments to bid prices too which can have an immediate impact on the potential earnings from any given ad. However, researching keyword values and then creating new content on your site based around these higher value words is likely to attract higher paying ads and can be a very profitable business.
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